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Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

from Midwest Professional Insurance

Midwest Professional Insurance provides full-service personal insurance options for customers throughout every phase of life. For many of our valued customers, becoming the parent of a teen driver causes a lot of anxiety. With the right auto insurance policy, however, you can find some relief. No, we won’t ride along with your student driver, and we can’t take control of the wheel when the going gets tough. But we can help you and your student prepare for success on the road.

Highway Safety

There are two key components to the safety of your young driver. First comes education. If your son or daughter has expressed interest in learning to drive, we strongly recommend that you enroll him or her in a local drivers’ education course. These courses provide a solid foundation for helping young drivers make important decisions behind the wheel. The second component, of course, is an excellent, comprehensive insurance policy. We understand that accidents happen. When they do, your young driver needs to be protected by a policy that will help him or her get back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Policy Options for New Drivers

We provide a variety of policy options for your young drivers. Many parents choose to add their student drivers directly to their own auto policies. Other parents purchase separate policies to cover their family’s new drivers. The most affordable option for you and your family will depend on a number of variables. You can use our handy online quote form to get some basic information. To learn more, call our office to speak with an insurance professional. We’ll take the time to review your family’s situation and make recommendations based on factors such as

  • The age of your student driver
  • Number and types of vehicles you own and insure
  • Grades of your student driver
  • Driving records
  • Miles driven each week

We understand your concern for your student driver’s safety. Contact us today to learn more about insurance for the newest driver in your family.

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