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How to Prepare Your Home for Storms and Lightning

from Midwest Professional Insurance

by Felisha McDougald on Apr 23, 2020

April 22, 2020

Strong winds from tornadoes can seriously damage the structural integrity of your home and lightning strikes can cause home fires. Roofing, garages, doors, pools and windows are all susceptible. Homeowners can expect to pay several thousands of dollars to replace a standard roof or rebuild after a fire. Those are major expenses, especially in these challenging economic times, like today. Beyond your home, your car may also be vulnerable to wind damage.

There are, however, preventative measures you can take to protect your home from wind damage and lightning before a storm or hurricane hits. Follow our home storm preparation guide below to protect yourself and your family and avoid costly damages.

Strengthen your garage door

Most residential hurricane damage begins with wind entry through the garage doors. Garage doors are considered the weakest link in a home. Once the garage door is lost, the home may be considered lost as well.

Are your garage doors made of lightweight materials? This was probably done to conserve weight and expense, but it also makes the doors very vulnerable to high winds. Check for a sticker on the inside of your garage door that gives you a pressure rating. Don’t see a sticker? It may mean you’ll need to purchase new wind resistant doors. Garage doors should be less than 9 feet wide, rated to withstand more than 50 pounds of pressure per square foot, and windowless.

Seal your roof

When a heavy storm hits, it may almost seem like the wind is going to rip the roof right off your home. You should reinforce your roof before strong winds hit. To help protect your roof form wind, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) recommends sealing your roof deck using “peel and stick” tape along your roof seams, or a “peel and stick” membrane over the entire roof deck, or apply polyurethane foam.

Keep in mind that protecting your roof from wind damage is no last-minute task. It’s in your best interest to ensure that your roof is well protected against wind damage as soon as possible. Have it professionally inspected for the following:

  • Shingles meet or exceed the local building code and are rated high for wind and impact resistance
  • Shingles are properly nailed down and fitted tightly together
  • Roof sheathing is securely nailed down
  • Any affixed HVAC units won’t be blown off

Protect your vehicles

If possible, store your vehicles inside a garage or storage building before high winds from a storm can cause damage. Never park vehicles under a tree during an approaching storm. If you must park outside, be aware of things that could cause damage, including branches, lampposts and power lines.

Understand the hazards of lightning storms

The main ways a lightning strike can damage your home:


Lightning-related fires often begin in the attic or roof of a house. The lightning will often have to pass through the roofing material before it reaches your home’s wiring or pipes.

Power surge

This can occur when lightning passes through the electrical wiring and damages appliances.

Shock wave

A shock wave caused by lightning can damage concrete, brick, cinder block and stone, as well as shatter glass and crack foundations.

Prep before the storm


Have a plan so family members know which electric devices to unplug and when. Unplug landline phones first, since a lightning striking a nearby telephone pole can send dangerous voltage into your home.


Lightning often travels across the ground, so be sure to plant taller trees at a safe distance from your house. The Lightning Protection Institute recommends a professionally installed lightning protection system for trees that are taller than your home or are within 10 feet of your house. A lightning protection system provides a direct path to the ground for the lightning to follow.

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