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Lani Esguerra

Agency Rocket Scientist and Project Manager

Lani Esguerra

About Lani Esguerra

Lani is a problem solver and a go-getter. She loves spreadsheets and logic puzzles - they are food for her brain! She likes to think within the box, outside the box, and even transform that box into a treasure chest full of possibilities. She likes to make tasks easier and simpler in order to produce the required results and then aim for the next high up or start the quest for the next breakthrough.

When you need something - Lani is your girl! She has a knack for rolling up her sleeves and figuring things out on her own, but she knows when to ask questions and what questions to ask. She will make it happen if it needs to happen or she'll offer practical alternatives. She's a Rocket Scientist for sure!


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Cell Phone: 913-747-1000 | Text: 913-359-9121