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About us (and other people)

Midwest Professional Insurance

MW Insurance is independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs. We focus on Fairway and offer affordable and reliable insurance choices all across Kansas.

We will help you find the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price to fit your needs.

Felisha at Midwest Professional Insurance

Felisha is Midwest’s Owner Extraordinaire. She focuses on the overall insurance products and tools for clients, and trying to keep insurance fun (good luck, fe) and informative. She enjoys flying (she’s a pilot), her non-profit work (something’s got to fill up that ‘feel good’ cup and claims just ain’t cuttin’ it!), Tennis and Taco Bell - not necessarily in that order.

Chad at Midwest Professional Insurance

Chad’s childhood dream to play shortstop for the Kansas City Royals was thwarted by his athletic ability (or lack thereof). Instead, Chad found that his ability was perfectly suited for the Insurance industry where he enjoys solving customers problems and advising on the right kind of protection. So ask Chad about ways he can help you with your insurance needs, or call and talk baseball.

Dede at Midwest Professional Insurance

Dede is our Numbers Ninja. She knows and dissects all things billing. She alone is responsible for explaining to you WHY your policy is no longer in effect after 6 non-payments. Dede also comes from a claims background, so yes, when she says that the death of your dog MAY not be covered, she means it. Because these are highly technical conversations DeDe spends her ‘downtime’ relaxing with her two kids Sadie and Grayson.

Darren at Midwest Professional Insurance

Darren Newell, born and raised in Shawnee, Kansas, is a broker agent at Midwest Professional Insurance (MPI). He writes both personal and commercial lines of insurance treating each client as an extension of his own family. Darren’s passion for insurance coverage and the security it offers the community, coupled with his experience in the hospitality industry, prompted his transition into insurance in order to help provide a better quality of life for his family. Darren’s life as an insurance agent allows him to take care of people and their assets at a very high level. He takes pleasure in getting to know his clients on a personal level so he understands how he can best help them feel at ease in the knowledge that when their worst day comes, they are protected.

IT Staff at Midwest Professional Insurance

IT is our one-stop-resource for frustration and re-iteration. Here and only here can you go from blissful to crazy in 2.2 seconds, only to be blissful again at the possibility of a fix, only to crazy to know they will need your computer for about 45 minutes. ‘About’ is a guestimate within an hour or so – and a fix MAY be that you can no longer do things that way- ever again- because it doesn’t work.

Midwest Professional Insurance Team

Be Grateful - Always

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